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About Us

Our Mission:  The preservation of bound illustrated art.

All Books Illustrated is an organization that focuses on the acquisition & distribution
of illustrated books.  Basically, we rescue uniquely illustrated books and provide them
with a new home.  Our intent is to put these gems on public display,
ensuring that the artist’s work not be lost.

We are accepting book donations!!!

In an effort to give our collection a jump-start, we are accepting illustrated books of all genre.  Visit our Contribute page & F&Q page for details.  Please do take a look – we could use your help!

Who, What, Where and Why

Who is this website for?
Book collectors looking for a secure place to donate their collections, lovers of illustration looking to preserve a dying art, conservationists striving to assist in maximizing our resources, retailers looking to create stop-traffic…  Pretty much any and everyone with a heart for books, preservation, or the visual arts.
What is the organization exactly?
A niche library.  More specifically, a mobile niche library.  Think of a traveling art exhibit rotating to different galleries.  Only with us, it’s illustrated books &, instead of galleries, we plan to loan them out to select small businesses.  As a test run, we will plant our first reading nooks within the modest gift shop Mothballs & Miscellany.  In time, as our collection grows, we will expand out from there.
Where are you located?
We are centered in the Southeastern U.S.  We Currently pick up bulk donations within a 100 mile radius of Columbus, GA.  All others would need to be shipped to our location.
WHY is this organization being created?
Illustrated books… art of a bygone era?  As the world throws out their printed book for their e-books, we must find a way to preserve our bound works of art.  Each of us see our local bookstores disappearing and as future generations discard family collections, the libraries will not hold them all.  What better way to preserve the talents of over a century of illustrators than to create little reading nooks in retail establishments throughout the nation?

What Does All Books Illustrated offer?

We give book donors an opportunity that most libraries cannot.  We provide you with an option to donate your personalized collection where the books are displayed together, instead of being broken up.  Not only that, but you never have to worry about the collection being discarded (heaven forbid!).   If the reading room they’re being housed in closes, the books are shipped back to us to search for a new home.
Think of us as a specialized book lender.  Whether you are a retailer looking to increase stop traffic, a service company looking to occupy waiting clients, or a non-profit looking to promote literacy in your community, All Books Illustrated could be your answer.
You’ll find our cataloging system a great place for research.  We will categorize our books, not just be the title & author, but by the cover designer, illustrator, even the artist medium.  Also, each book we house will have a quick synopses written on the illustrator.
Take a look around & see what our organization is all about.  
We hope you find yourself captivated by the work we are trying to achieve.  
See our contribute page for ideas on how to get involved.

Long-Term Goals & Aspirations

Goals Down the Road

We hope to receive so many books that the little shop, our partner Mothballs & Miscellany, cannot hold them all.  To accumulate a collection so running over with books that we are able to pour them into quaint reading rooms throughout the southeast… throughout the nation.
We would love to one day scan and upload a digital copy of our books to our catalog.  Aside from exposing the works to a broader community, this would also ensure that the illustrator’s work not be lost.
All Books Illustrated is a budding organization being built on the core concepts of social responsibility.  It is our goal to seek out like-minded small businesses/non-profits & work with them to implement ideas to maximize the use of our printed resources.


If you have any suggestions on how we can achieve these goals,
please contact us.  We welcome your input.