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Meet the Founder

“Whether you are a book collector, illustrator, or retailer, I hope you find our new site for All Books Illustrated an inviting place to dwell, be inspired, & contribute.”


An Idea Emerges…


St. Cecilia (detail), 1895, oil on canvas
John Walter Waterhouse

 A vague idea for All Books Illustrated initially began through my love for books and the visual arts.  For ten years I dreamt of opening a quaint little art book store.  Then a few years ago, the recession took hold, lay-offs ensued, and the timing was perfect to return to college.  With an entrepreneurial spirit, it seemed fitting to enroll in a business class or two.  Little did I know this would take me in an unforeseen direction…  I began to delve into the local needs and hindrances in the book industry.  It didn’t take much research to see a problem spreading across the community, reaching libraries & retail alike.  I became increasingly concerned with the declining stability of the printed word.  This concern, combined with a little innovation and my desire to create a company built on sustainability, and the core concept of All Books Illustrated took shape.




2012 – All Books Illustrated Founder, Charity Wagner, receives a WWF honors award for seven years of
commitment to conservation.

“This project is one small step in my effort to maximize
the use of resources we have readily available to us.”



  • BFA in Art and a Minor in Business from Columbus State University
  • Certified Customer Service Specialist through Columbus Technical College
  • Certificate in Working with Diverse Ethnic Groups through AAFES
  • Certificate in Good Urbanism through Georgia Conservancy
      Member/Active Donor:
           NRDC, WWF, Earth Defense Council, Georgia Conservancy
           GPB, Habitat for Humanity, American Indian Relief Council 

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