F & Q: Book Donations

Top 10 Questions
on Book Donations


1- What is an illustrated book?
A book with illustrations (artwork) amongst the text [artwork meaning drawings, paintings, etchings, engravings, even photographs].  We accept lightly or fully illustrated books, so long as they have at least one illustration per chapter.  This means your typical biography with a handful of photos in the center would not be considered ‘illustrated’.
2- Do the illustrations need to be in color?
Not at all.  Some of our best illustrations are detailed etchings, which are in black & white.
3- How about multiple copies of the same book title?
Sure, IF books of the same title are not the same edition and have different illustrators.
For Example:  We have two copies of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  
-  one is illustrated in ink & watercolor by Quentin Blake
-  the other with photos of Byers’ Choice Carolers
4- Are there any exceptions to carrying only illustrated books? 
Yes, there are exceptions!  We do accept non-illustrated books that are about illustration or artists.  
For example:
- Written in the Stars (novel about German artist Albrecht Dürer)
- The Business of Art (non-fiction reference info)
5- Are you looking exclusively for books related to the fine arts?
Not exclusively.  Our goal is to build a collection celebrating printed illustration in every form.  This ranges from classic illustrated novels & quirky children’s literature, to beautifully photographed science & instructional books, to anime’, graphic novels & books on the history of art.
6- Could you give specific examples of books you are typically looking for?
There is a list of our 12 main categories of interest on our Contribute page.  You can also get an idea by reviewing our current collection.  It is a modest start, but you might be surprised at the eclectic variety we have thus far.
7- What is the difference between a graphic novel and a comic book?
The binding and that a novel (unlike a comic) has a beginning, middle, & an end.  As our Contribute page mentions, we do not accept comic books.  There are a wide array of stores specializing in that genre, so there is no need.  We happily accept graphic novels.
8- Are there other genre of illustrated books that you are not accepting?
We are not looking for medical books, law books, or travel guides as they have a short shelf life.
9- What do you do with books that are not suited for the collection?
Donated Books:  Those donated to us are passed on to a public library.  We do not sell them to individuals.  Our donors expect their books to remain available to the public and All Books Illustrated is committed to that promise.  We currently donate unneeded books to the Columbus Public Library (this location is subject to change).
Purchased Books:  On occasion, we may purchase bundles from auctions and such.  In this case, we sort the books as to which are best suited for the collection and sell the remainder.  This is to help offset the cost of purchasing and travel expense.
10- How has All Books Illustrated’s collection been acquired thus far?
We have accumulated 90% of our collection (as of  2013) through purchases by our founder, Charity Wagner.  She has spent 3 years steadily sifting through thrift stores, consignment sales, and yard sales, building our current modest collection one book at a time.  Soon, as we officially open up the organization to donations, we plan for this percentage to change.  A reversal to 90% donations & 10% purchases would be a Godsend.
 For additional questions or to make a book donation, please contact us.  We will try to respond promptly.