Outreach Project






Mission Statement

“We aspire to promote constructive creativity in children
while planting seeds to grow their hunger for literacy.”
To help or encourage to exist or flourish
Pertaining to the nature of construction; structural
The ability to create new interpretations; originality
A strong or compelling desire or craving
The ability to read and write; to use language proficiently



Our Mission: A Two-Fold Purpose

1)     Promoting Constructive Creativity through illustration

    • … By teaching children that their artistry can be harnessed to make something useful.
    • … By projecting to a child that in refining one’s creativity, there is potential for a future career.
    • … By opening up options to disadvantaged children who may not receive a higher education to learn trades in the arts & design.
    • … By introducing local job opportunities in the arts to students that may not wish to relocate to a major metropolitan city for employment.

2)     Promoting Literacy by breaking barriers of intimidation

    • … By teaching a child to take time when reading, not just skim over a story, in order to illustrate its intended meaning
    • … By breaking down the components of a book &  then designing one, a connection develops between the child and the printed word
    • … By developing a child’s ability to illustrate a book, a child gains self-confidence in their ability to interpret the story


 Our Target Area

Our central focus is pre-teen children in small to medium-sized cities in the South-Eastern U.S., starting in Georgia and spanning out from there.


Long-Term Goal

Middle-school is a critical age, a point when a child’s imagination is often stifled (imagination – a key component of successful innovation).  It is our hope, our goal, that during this transition to one’s teen years, a child see the value in their creativity.  That whether they become an illustrator or an engineer, they learn to utilize their right brain skills for future benefit throughout their career.
Sidenote:  The Book Illustration camp is not designed as a “how to draw” class.  The classes will focus on applying one’s creativity to a trade more so than in developing drawing skills.  Each child will have the freedom to project their own creative style.
This outreach project is the highlight of what I hope to accomplish through All Books Illustrated.  If you have any ideas, facts, advice, connections, money (!), or mere comments beneficial towards the project, please do not hesitate to contact us.  This is a budding idea and an open slate, so suggestions are appreciated.