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Below are links to external sites that support the concepts of our outreach project.  This should provide a deaper understanding as to what we are striving to achieve through our Illustration camp.

- Charity


Value of the Right Brain in the 21st Century

Dan Pink’s 2005 bestseller, A Whole New Mind:

Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age

The book suggests that a new set of aptitudes will be necessary to succeed in the times to come.  That our technological, economic, and labor market structures are changing dramatically, to the point where a good number of left-brain tasks are increasingly being outsourced or even performed by computer programs (such as software programs that do your taxes).  The attractive opportunities of tomorrow will emphasize creative, artistic, and holistic “right-brain” senses. - David Yamada   Dan Pink (a natural left brainer) says that those who master them first (their right brain skills) will have a huge advantage in the future.

Book Excerpt on
Interview on Oprah’s Soul Series
Book Review by Alicia Arnold

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